Server Setup

After you open the app and sign in, Discord will prompt you to set up your first server. Here’s how: 

  1. Click Create My Own
  2. Click For me and my friends
    • This option means you intend to create a private server, and mean to give access only to invited users. The other option is to create a “Community Server,” which openly lists your server to the public for those interested to join on their own accord
  3. Give your server a name, then upload an image as its icon
    • Name: I recommend your course title and subtitle so that students can easily access it
    • Image: I suggest using your college/university logo for the same reason as above
  4. Click Create

how to create a server

Voila! You just created your first Discord server. 

Keep it up and you’ll be up and running with a class server in no time at all. 

Additional Resources 

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