Instructional Kit

Welcome back (again)!

This section of the toolkit is the third and final module sequence in support of teaching and learning with Discord. Instructional Kit modules will help you to test out and expand on the instructional design of your server, offering a variety of teaching models for you to experiment with in the process. As you grow more comfortable with Discord, you can return here to adopt additional models aimed at optimizing the learning experience of your classroom server. Add them to your toolbox, try them on for size, and come back for more on an as-need basis while you build out your server between and among semesters. 

More detailed guidance in this module sequence exemplifies the affordances of Discord servers as a flexible space for interactivity, connection, and community building. Each set of model uses and suggested features play out the possibilities of using Discord in your instruction, centering these affordances as key drivers of the learning process. As you adopt them, consider which ones best suit your teaching needs, and which add special significance to the design of your classroom server.

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