This module outlines the accessibility settings at your disposal when making accommodations for students with diverse learning needs. You can find Discord’s accessibility settings via the steps below:

  1. Navigate to User Settings using the gear icon on the bottom left of your screen
  2. Click Accessibility under the App Settings section header.

Discord offers this helpful resource for navigating these settings: linked here. I recommend sharing this resource directly with students, as Discord’s accessibility settings require personal customization.

Automatic Closed Captioning (autoCC)

Discord does not support autoCC as in the case of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, those services only support autoCC at 60% accuracy, which, as Sarah Marie Currie notes, is not AODA/ADA compliant. Madoka continues, advising that “recording software like Vidyard and Outklip can more accurately CC your video recordings (and you should be editing transcripts anyway!), so ANY interface can provide CC 60% is not AODA/ADA compliant.”

Keep these concerns in mind when accommodating the technology needs of your students, especially when recording and distributing class videos among your class.

Discord for Screen Readers

I recommend “Changeling’s Guide to Discord for Screen Readers” to learn more about how to use screen readers in Discord.  

Further Guidance

For a more formal statement on the accessibility of Discord, check out Sarah Madoka Currie’s public Google document on the matter, enclosed below:

Additional Resources

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