Group Collaboration

This module addresses how to use role-exclusive channels for social learning and group collaboration in Discord. It also discusses the value of semi-private learning spaces when designing classroom servers with group work in mind. It then provides support documentation for creating and customizing group channels, with attention to making learning more visible and cooperative via Discord. 

Group Channels

The role-exclusive permissions of group channels set aside space for students to engage more openly with their group, whether by making small talk or confiding in their peers when the need arises. As group rapports deepen, so do the affordances of these bounded learning experiences. This process comes to a head with those who walk away with meaningful friendships in part due to the social environment of group channels.

Group channels also keep record of the learning process, which helps to make learning more visible and consistent from one class to the next. In keeping an available record of group collaborations, peer groups build their sense of cohesion and social connectivity as collaborative participants. Group members can therefore pick up where they left off when reorienting themselves to the collaborative activities at hand. They need only to scroll up in order for a refresher on their group’s prior discussions and shared resources. Group channels can also offer a lifebuoy to students who have missed multiple classes or are struggling to keep pace with your course progression.

Group Role Creation

To accommodate group work in your server, you will want to first create group roles that you can later assign to private channels. Follow the steps below to take care of that first process:

  1. Navigate to your server dropdown menu
  2. Click Server Settings
  3. Select Roles
  4. Click the plus sign icon 
  5. Name and create each group role
  6. Select Save Changes


Group Role Assignation

Your next step is to assign the above group roles to students in your class. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Roles 
  2. Click the first group role you want to assign to your students
  3. Select Manage Members
  4. Search for and add the students you intend to add that group
  5. Repeat these steps for each group of students in your class


Group Category & Channel Creation

After you create and assign group roles, you can then create private categories and channels for every peer group in your class. Follow these steps to set that up:

  1. Double-click below existing channels and categories
  2. Select Create Category or Create Channel
  3. Name the category or channel
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the group role that you want to access the category or channel
  6. Press Create Category or Create Channel

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