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Research Perspectives

Dayana, Ysla Espinoza et al. “Design of the Discord application as an E-learning tool at the University of Sciences and Humanities.” 18th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2020.

Ramadhan, Aulia.Student’s Response Toward Utilizing Discord Application as an Online Learning Media in Learning Speaking at Senior High School.” ISLLAC: Journal of Intensive Studies on Language, Literature, Art, and Culture, Vol 5, No 1, 3 Feb 2021.

Grimbsy, Gregory. “Using Discord To Foster A Learning Community.” Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, Vol. 11, George Mason University, 2019, DOI: https://doi.org/10.13021/itlcp.2019.2520.

Teaching Guides

Teaching with Discord: A beginner’s guide (written by a beginner), Mark Bresnan

Channeling Learning: Using Discord for Education, Jesika Brooks

Tips for Classroom Discord, Ryan Cordell

Remote teaching with Twitch, Discord, and YouTube, Erik Fredericks

How to setup Discord for online teaching, Odette Jansen

How Educators Can Use Discord to Connect With Students, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Teaching on Discord by Lyle Skains

Five Tips for Teachers Using Discord, Heather Saigo

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